Get active for elephants

Contact companies that promote unethical activities

If you see a travel agency, blogger or magazine promoting riding, bathing, festivals or performing tricks, you can copy and paste our letter and send or email it to them.


The more the public makes a stand against unethical practices, the more they are likely to stop promoting them.

Educate people on social media

A quick search on Instagram of #elephantride or #elephantmudbath will bring posts of people taking part in unethical practices. You can gently educate them by posting our reply to their post.

Complete our survey

if you have been or are planning a trip to Thailand, we would love to hear about it. by taking our quick survey, we can educate even more tourists. 

Book with animal-friendly travel agents

Find out what to ask your travel agent or guide to determine whether the venue or activity they're promoting is ethical.

Check out World Animal Protection's list of elephant-friendly tour companies.

Visit our recommended list of venues when you're in Thailand. 

Volunteer with us


We are always looking for passionate and dedicated people to educate others about elephants in Thailand. You can help in a number of ways including:

·         organising fundraisers or film screenings

·         giving talks at schools or your community centre

·         helping run our social media accounts

·         creating marketing materials

·         research ... and much more!

If you'd like to join our herd, contact us and let’s chat!

Spread the word


If you know of anyone travelling to Thailand, please share our ethical venue list and Go To Guide on how to recognise an ethical sanctuary. 

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