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Dear [name of journalist/blogger or 'Sir or Madam']


I am writing to express my shock and dismay in response to your advertisement that promotes [elephant bathing/elephant riding/elephant festivals/unethical elephant practices].

It is likely that all elephants in the tourism industry have been separated from their mothers at a very young age, which can cause long-term psychological stress. Young elephants then go through some form of 'pajaan' or the Crush', which is a traditional Asian 'training' method used to crush the calves' spirit and psychologically and spiritually separate them from their families. Some calves do not live through this.

They are then subjected to a lifetime of working for their owner or, in many cases, an inexperienced mahout who often uses bullhooks or other - often hidden - sharp objects to inflict pain on the elephant to remind them to stay in line and perform as they were 'taught'.

There are myriad reasons why tourist activities involving elephants are unethical. the National Geographic recently published a study into animal-related activities across the world, and those that allow humans to be close to wild animals were found to be detrimental to the animals' well-being.

Please consider removing all references to [insert activity/festival/venue you're referencing] and instead promote genuine sanctuaries or ethical venues and advising your [customers/readers] how they can ensure they are choosing an ethical sanctuary. You can find a list of ethical venues in Thailand here

Thailand Elephants have experts working in Thailand so can provide accurate, current information on which venues are treating their elephants well. If you would like to speak with them to find out more about the venues they endorse and how to advise your [readers/customers] on how to find an ethical sanctuary, please email them at: info@thailandelephants.org.

Kind regards

[your name]

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