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Thailand Elephants was founded in 2015 by Gemma Annan and Jade Clayson, two English women who met in Thailand whilst managing the Global Vision International (GVI) Elephant Reintroduction Volunteer Programme.

Thousands of tourists flock to Thailand every year with the dream of riding or bathing elephants or watching them perform tricks such as painting, playing football or riding bikes. Gemma and Jade soon realised that most of these elephants go through immense pain, suffering and continued abuse, despite how 'happy they look'.


They felt compelled to educate other travellers about what captive elephants endure and how they can determine whether the venue they're visiting is ethical.

Thailand Elephants was officially registered as a charity in 2016 with the aim of educating the public and tourists about how to be an ethical traveller by visiting elephant venues that care for and respect their elephants. 

Today, we raise awareness of the plight of the Thai elephant through social media, our website, by delivering community and school talks (virtually and in-person), posting blogs, fundraising activities and attending events across the UK.

Charity Registration No: 1167849

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