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Aston Heath is an author of children's books, his recent publishes have focused on elephants. Aston's books takes stories of real amazing animals and tells them in children's story book fashion. His stories take very complicated and complex situations and turns them into simpler stories for children to understand, his work is at the heart of educating young minds: which is great! His books teach children on the true plight of animals and hopes to help children gain courage and compassion through his writings. 

Jade and Kerri (co-founder of KSES) had the opportunity to meet with Aston Heath in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was great to network and talk about elephants. Hopefully exciting plans will come from this meeting! 


Below you can click on the two book covers to be taken to purchase on Amazon!!!....

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Kerri McCrea (left), Aston Heath (middle) and Jade Clayson (right)

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