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January 13, 2019

Today it is widely known amongst Western tourists that riding an elephant is usually not ok! Many tourists are now choosing to avoid riding but still want that special interaction with elephants so choose to opt for bathing or walking in the forest. But what these unsuspecting tourists may not know is that the elephants might still be receiving a jab with a hidden nail to maintain close control and once the tourists return to the City, the elephants may be chained to the same post for 12+ hours with barely enough food and no friends close by, 

Living in captivity is often extremely restrictive and stressful. 


Luckily there are a few (yes a few!) venues in Thailand offering a kinder life for elephants, one where they have freedom, friends and fun. BUT how do you know if you are visiting such a place? Well chances are you don't, and if you book a ele trip through a UK based tour operator you trust them to get it right, right? Wrong!

Sadly many tour operators have no idea how the elephants are treated in the venues they are selling! This is what Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) are hoping to change; they are petitioning for a UK Law to come into play to force tour operators to only sell ethical elephant experiences, these venues will have to be vetted and ensured to have a high standard of welfare.

Please sign the petition and tell DEFRA that we want to see change and we want it now. 


Planning on heading to Thailand? Check out our Ethical Venue List for a

elephant friendly trip. 

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