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Elephant Valley Thailand (EVT) is based on the Elephant Valley Project in Cambodia. EVP's founder utilised their expertise and experience and recreated a project with even bigger, more ambitious ideas. 

EVT works closely with the elephant owners to reintroduce ex-tourism and ex-logging elephants to a non-working lifestyle. They now roam their new home at ease.

The elephants are watched closely by mahouts but still have plenty of freedom to browse and play. Although chained at night, a night enclosure is currently being built.

EVT has a 10-year plan to undertake a 3 phase reintroduction project. These 3 phases will see rescued elephants going through rehabilitation to eventually return to the wild. The current piece of land is 40 hectares which is small but sufficient for the first phase of this reintroduction project. 

At EVT visitors will learn all about elephant  physiology, conservation and tourism from the extremely knowledgeable staff. Interaction with the elephants is kept to a minimum with the chance to feed bananas but the rest of the visit will be observing them from a distance.  


You may even be lucky to witness some positive reinforcement training with the eles. 

Longer stay visitors/volunteers may get involved with site maintenance, harvesting banana trees or helping with admin tasks. 

Website: www.elephantvalleys.com



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