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September 7, 2019

We also learned a little bit about issues Asian elephants face and about elephants in the tourism industry. What we learned was sobering and the situation can feel somewhat hopeless, but the work that KSES is doing to bring elephants back to the forest is uplifting and I commend their staff for making a difference. I hope that the data collected by us and others will create a set of guidelines that will allow other elephants in captivity to live like the five at KSES do.

September 1, 2015

Let us start with the basics as this is something not everyone is aware of…the majority of elephants living in captivity, worldwide go through intense training and a spirit crushing process known as the ‘crush’ (AKA as the Phajaan) in order to be “safe” to work with humans.

Activities include elephants giving rides, tight rope walking, riding tricycles, painting, dancing, begging outside of temples, used in parades, street begging and logging!

The crush process varies in intensity dependi...

August 1, 2015

Here we are…..Thailand Elephants 

Introducing oneself and thailandelephants.org can be a challenging thing to do, but here we are: Gemma and Jade; the co founders of www.thailandelephants.org a website committed to raising awareness about The plight of the Asian Elephant in Thailand. Along those lines, our aim here is to bring you a monthly blog dedicated to elephant tourism with a focus on Thailand.

My name is Gemma Annan and I am currently living and working in the UK as...

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