August 26, 2019

For World Elephant Day 2019 we set a Poem Contest and Jennifer from Sydney, Australia was our lucky winner.....


While walking at Tiger Tops near the day’s end

I emerged from the scrub by the river’s bend

There were two baby elephants having fun.

Silhouetted in front of the setting sun


They were very cute and they caused me to smile

So I stayed there watching them play for a while.

They splashed; they blew bubbles, like kids in a bath.

I envied their joy as I watched from the path.


A wrinkled old matriarch stepped from the herd

She did not appreciate what had occurred.

She walked to the babies and obscured my view.

The look that she gave me was unfriendly too. 


Her body language was exceedingly clear

 “Go away from this place!  We don’t want you here!

Our work is completed it’s our time to play.”

 I waved and I smiled and I hurried away.


And I thought as I left “It is easy to see

That even an elephant wants privacy”.


Jennifer Rioseco



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