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May 29, 2018

Hey I’m Sam

 I currently have the great pleasure, of fulfilling the role as an advocate for ThailandElephants.org. This enables me to carry on supporting both wild and captive elephants, whilst carrying out an Animal Conservation and Biodiversity Degree back here in the UK.

My background before now, comprises of 2 years working experience in the captive wildlife sector, before having the great pleasure of being introduced to the field conservation sector along with our fantastic foun...

May 27, 2018

For sometime now, I have been looking into research done using beehive fences to reduce human- elephant conflict. Human-elephant conflict is a huge concern in Africa and Asia and Thailand offers no exception.

Although the number of wild elephants in Thailand has declined greatly over the last few decades, and wild elephants are found mostly in national parks, human population growth and an increase in agriculture has still meant that elephants from these protected areas are coming...

May 27, 2018

I was so excited to see an elephant!

In reality it was all so different.

After a 2 hour journey  we arrived at an elephant 'camp', to find one lonely elephant. It was around 12.30 on a Indian summer day, and for those of you who haven't travelled to India, it gets pretty darn HOT!

The single elephant was in the shade wagging his rugged tale, looking very hot & frustrated, despite this the mahout was super keen to get us on board and told us we were in for a great ride!...

May 27, 2018


I am currently in Thailand (Gemma flew home yesterday); predominantly we were here to conduct research on the ethical venues we recommend on Thailand Elephants (www.thailandelephants.org). Having a personal experience will add value to our knowledge and travel advice. Gemma visited multiple projects and gained much needed information on venues, mostly resulted in positive feedback, she then joined me at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary (KSES) for a few days. I worked at KS...

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