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September 12, 2016

Written Dec 2015

When you first arrive in Thailand, one of the things that will strike you is the amount of advertisements for elephant trekking, it is everywhere! You will see hundreds of Elephant camps with flyers promoting elephant riding, shows, mahout training, mud and river bathing and feeding.

There are two options with elephant riding, most camps offering it with the saddle on the back as this enables them to accommodate more tourists and therefore bring in more money. Although th...

September 5, 2016

Written in January 2016

I have researched information collated from internet sources to provide you with a brief history of elephant use in circuses; with this information we can gain a further insight into how times are changing and what we can expect to change in the future. 

The circus was born…..

It was an English man, Philip Astley (1742-1814) who created the modern circus, which really took of 246 years ago. Astley hired jugglers, acrobats and rope-dancers to perform alongside h...

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