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September 14, 2019

Aston Heath is an author of children's books, his recent publishes have focused on elephants. Aston's books takes stories of real amazing animals and tells them in children's story book fashion. His stories take very complicated and complex situations and turns them into simpler stories for children to understand, his work is at the heart of educating young minds: which is great! His books teach children on the true plight of animals and hopes to help children gain courage and compassio...

April 14, 2019

In Karen hill-tribes, people have worked alongside elephants for thousands of years. Young male ‘mahouts’ (elephant keepers) will be partnered with an elephant and a bond will be created, limiting the dependence on tools for control. Over several years, a long-term relationship and mutual respect is established, where commands become the main form of control and interaction. In most cases a bullhook will still be carried for safety purposes, for both elephant and man. 

There has been a l...

September 22, 2018

Four weeks I arrived back at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary (KSES), and it all started with Geeju day, a village celebration for the end of harvest season. The day consisted of plenty of rice whisky, traditional Karen food and laughter from house to house

The project here has a very good relationship with the locals which is vital for the project’s success, it has to be stressed to anybody coming onto the project how important it is to respect the villagers and their culture. A...

May 27, 2018


I am currently in Thailand (Gemma flew home yesterday); predominantly we were here to conduct research on the ethical venues we recommend on Thailand Elephants (www.thailandelephants.org). Having a personal experience will add value to our knowledge and travel advice. Gemma visited multiple projects and gained much needed information on venues, mostly resulted in positive feedback, she then joined me at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary (KSES) for a few days. I worked at KS...

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