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June 3, 2020

While the rest of the world slowed down when the pandemic broke, dedicated volunteer community rangers in Thailand continued to risk their lives to reduce conflict between wild elephants and local communities.

One of the biggest threats to wild elephants in Thailand is human-elephant conflict. This occurs when an elephant, usually looking for food, wanders into a village, and destroys crops, houses or equipment. When the villagers inevitably try to drive the elephant away,...

December 23, 2019

Thailand Elephants volunteer, Hannah Martin, spent three weeks volunteering at the Wildlife SOS (WSOS) bear and elephant sanctuaries near Agra, India. In her blog, she explains why a visit the elephant sanctuary is the perfect day out for tourists and locals alike, and a great way to support the ongoing conservation of some of India’s most beautiful and endangered animals.

As I drove into WSOS’ Elephant sanctuary, nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming feeling I experience...

September 14, 2019

Aston Heath is an author of children's books, his recent publishes have focused on elephants. Aston's books takes stories of real amazing animals and tells them in children's story book fashion. His stories take very complicated and complex situations and turns them into simpler stories for children to understand, his work is at the heart of educating young minds: which is great! His books teach children on the true plight of animals and hopes to help children gain courage and compassio...

September 7, 2019

We also learned a little bit about issues Asian elephants face and about elephants in the tourism industry. What we learned was sobering and the situation can feel somewhat hopeless, but the work that KSES is doing to bring elephants back to the forest is uplifting and I commend their staff for making a difference. I hope that the data collected by us and others will create a set of guidelines that will allow other elephants in captivity to live like the five at KSES do.

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